Friday, January 6, 2012

Carnegie Hall Window Restoration and Sound Reduction Project

Camden Windows was  asked by Tishman Construction  to manufacture  custom wood windows and doors for one of New York City’s finest historic buildings. The Carnegie Hall restoration project included the complete restoration of the  wood windows.The wood window restoration project included the refurbishment of the frames and the replacing of the sash with special glass to dampen the sound transmission from outside to inside. The challenge at Carnegie Hall was to preserve the historic character of the building and isolate the exterior noise from the interior. Specially designed and tested windows by Camden Windows accomplished the goal.

Custom wood windows for historic properties can make a significant difference in the STC and reduction of street noise if the wood windows are designed and manufactured with sound reduction in mind. Camden Windows has designed and supplied the windows and sash for two major projects, Carnegie Hall and the Boston Symphony Hall.

The proper selection of glass and weatherstripping  can be used to reduce unwanted noise in residential homes and commercial buildings. Common city noise  caused by aircraft, highway traffic, rail transportation and  emergency vehicles  can be significantly reduced . The acoustical performance of windows in  not only influenced  by the glass but also by the framing members and construction of the window assembly. Sound transmission class (STC) measured in decibels(dB) is the standard method for rating sound attenuation characteristics of glass products and window assemblies. 

The higher the STC rating means the higher the sound attenuation properties of the window. To determine the STC ratings of glass and a window or door assembly, the following ASTM standards should be used:

ASTM E 1425 - 91 Standard Practice for
Determining the Acoustical Performance of Exterior
Windows and Doors. 

At Carnegie Hall we used actual field testing to determine the realized rating. Camden Windows can use the same techniques for your building and field testing can also be performed.

     Carnegie Hall Custom Wood Windows for Sound Reduction  

      Restoration & Sound Reduction 


    Boston Symphony Sound Reduction Project

    Camden Windows was asked to  design and manufacture custom wood window sound isolating storm panels that would maintain the historic windows and help improve the interior acoustics for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. In the picture below you can see the arch top windows that were modified with the panels. We offered unique solutions which were used to significantly reduce  the exterior to interior noise transmission.

    Boston Symphony Hall Custom Wood Windows for Sound Reduction 

    Wood window frame and sash construction can achieve levels of noise isolation equal to or greater than more massive construction such as concrete or steel, but to take advantage of that potential it is important to characterize and understand  the airborne sound transmission loss properties of wood window fabrication.